The Vision of NSCC
                    NorthShore Christian Church is called to  be a multi-cultural, multi-dimensional church  of  excellence where the teaching and  preaching of God’s word is made applicable in our Christian walk. We believe in the diligent pursuit of God’s will for our lives individually and collectively as a family so that the body of Christ functions as it was ordained to from the beginning of time. 
Our Mission
  • To promote Christ and healthy Godly lifestyles 
  • To teach discipleship and love for fellow believers and non-believers
  • To teach Godly Order in the corporate church and in the families of those living in the NorthShore Milwaukee area and the Southeastern Wisconsin region
  • To become “Everyday People, Promoting Excellence, & Experiencing God’s Promises”
  • “Receive the Word, React to the Word, Relay the Word”
  • As the Church of Jesus expands, it is important to watch for the development and progress of God’s people. As a organized body of believers submitted to God through the office of the Pastor (Jeremiah 3:15), it is important that we receive God’s vision, actively participate in it and carry it out so that God’s plan for our lives comes to full maturity.